16n Fader Bank pcb w/ pre-soldered RC components

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16n Fader Bank pcb w/ pre-soldered RC components

It is a bank of 16 60mm faders. It is designed for controlling electronic musical instruments and devices. Everything you need to make one is at its Github.

What does it do?

It has a number of outputs:

it sends MIDI data over USB; by default, a different continuous controller for each fader.
it sends MIDI data over a 3.5mm stereo (TRS) jack, which you can break out using any available converter. There is a switch to toggle between the two standards for this (so it’ll work with both Korg/Makenoise and Arturia/Novation products and converters directly). This can be the same CCs as the MIDI over USB, or different ones, if you’d like.

it sends 0-5V CV out of sixteen jacks, one for each fader. (Well, almost 5V, dependent on your USB power supply)
it sends data over I2C, using a TRS jack: either as a master device, which could connect directly to (e.g.) an ER-301 or monome Ansible, or as a bus device for a monome Teletype
All outputs are sent simultaneously.

16n is built around a Teensy microcontroller, and is written in Arduino-style C++; you can edit it all through the Arduino IDE. You can easily configure options via a config file, or write your own firmware, if you prefer.