sán-sán 2 x 84hp Eurorack Case Fully Powered


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Best Eurorack Travel Mate!

emitum sán-sán eurorack case is made for all modular lover who travel a lot. sán-sán comes with super light weight, and fully low noise powered.

Built and assembled with extreme care and high quality. No matter where you are, sán-sán is a great instrument to company with you.

— sán-sán case included US power brick.

Super Thin

In the studio, touring or on stage, sán-sán is alway easy to take with. Made with high quality aluminum and coating. sán-sán only weight 2.1kg.

Low Noise

With sán-sán, say goodbye to noisy sound and dirty power. We took lots of effort on hardware design. For quiet and stable power system.

Emitum Power Board Data

The performance of power board at typical current consumption(1000mA)


Parameter Test Conditions Min Typ Max Unit
Vin Input Voltage of module 18 20 24 V
Iin Input Current of module 1.8 1.89 1.95 V
Vout Postive Voltage Output z-load falling 12.23 12.26 12.29 V
Vout Negative Voltage Output z-load falling 12.27 12.29 12.31 V
I(cl) Current Limit of output z-load falling 1 1.15 1.2 A
PVpp Positive Voltage Ripple z-load falling 4.0 5.8 7.2 mV
NVpp Negative Voltage Ripple z-load falling 4.8 7.6 10 mV
PVE Positive Voltage Efficiency supply at 1A 80.6 %
NVE Negative Voltage Efficiency supply at 1A 81.2 %


+12v Measurement


-12V Measurement


Installation and Equipments

  • Passive Voltage Probe: Tektronix TPP0500B
  • Oscilloscope: Tektronix MDO3054
  • Programmable DC Electronic Load: Chroma 63600-5
  • AC Power Supplies: KIKUSUI PCR2000LE
  • Data Acquisition Switch Unit: Keysight 34972A
  • *DC Power Adapter: Mean Well Desktop AC Adapter GST60A24-P1J


  1. Programmed DC Electronic Load in constant current mode.
  2. Increase 5mA of current consumption every 50 seconds.
  3. Measure data at each step.
  4. Stop measurement after 3.3Hr while current achieve 1.2A.
  5. Restart another measurement keep this procedure for three times.
  6. Data sorting and analysis.


All measurements follow standards and specs from Texas Instruments, Agilent’s technical reference. Scenarios were programmed in python script as an automation measurement platform.

Easy and Low-cost

Using sán-sán to play eurorack with easiest way. sán-sán saving your budget, but with compact design.
sán-sán with rails track. Without sliding nuts, life will be much more better.


  • Space: 84hp x 2 (M3 rails)
  • Weight: 2.1 kg / 4.63 lbs (without power adaptor)
  • Size(w/ Lid): 428mm (l) x 268mm(w) x 113mm(h)
  • Size(w/o Lid): 428mm (l) x 268mm(w) x 58.6mm(h)
  • Depth: 29mm ~ 42mm
  • +12V: 1200mA
  • -12V: 1200mA
  • +5V: 1000mA
  • IO Board: 4 Quad Balanced Output


Additional information

Weight 2.3 kg

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